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The SBPC Cities Partnership

A new project empowering cities to protect borrowers and working to end the student debt crisis.


The SBPC Cities Partnership brings together diverse groups of cities for yearlong fellowships, strengthening the capacity of local leaders to stand up for struggling student loan borrowers. The Student Borrower Protection Center (SBPC) is working closely with a cohort of 10-15 cities each year; these local leaders will receive advice and guidance from leading experts on student loan borrowing and repayment while establishing a new municipal student debt network. Through a combination of training, technical assistance, and peer learning, City Partners will strengthen their knowledge and capacity for borrower outreach, assistance, and advocacy. 


America’s cities are on the front lines of the student debt crisis. The $1.7 trillion student debt crisis has spiraled out of control, reinforcing deeply embedded inequities in our country and creating financial despair in our communities – and the pandemic has exacerbated these challenges. Relief is urgently needed to help alleviate the financial burden on residents and help families cover rising costs and invest in our local economies.


Cities are uniquely positioned to stand up for student loan borrowers and fight this crisis. Cities can leverage local insights and relationships and utilize their experience engaging communities, integrating borrower outreach into existing programs that target the same low-income households and neighborhoods at greatest risk of student debt distress. Many cities have financial coaching programs and nonprofit legal service partnerships that assist borrowers, helping them to navigate complex and evolving repayment and relief programs. Cities also have a powerful voice and are uniquely positioned to advocate for debt relief and borrower protections – and to shine a light on the breadth and scope of this crisis.


If you are interested in more information or want to get your city involved in the 2024-2025 cohort, please contact us. 


SBPC City Partners 2023-24:


San Francisco

New York City

Los Angeles (City)

St. Paul

San Antonio





Los Angeles (County)

Jackson (TN)

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